Indizen has been accompanying is clients for more than 15 years in the technological transformation process, providing highly specialized consulting services in Capital Markets and Insurance, defining, developing and implementing Risk systems for the measurement, control and reporting of risk metrics in the hands of the main European entities.

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Technological innovation at the service of bussiness.


Counting engines are pieces of specialized software, integrated within architectures in medium and large corporations.

They are responsible for solving a task using methodological algorithms. They do massive calculations that may occur in a organization. They are prepared to process a large amount of data and can calculate all types of metrics in a calculation process, in addition to they performing a large number of verifications.

At Indizen we have a huge experience in desingning and creating counting engines for all types of calculations. Our main case of use are finance and capital markets, in which we create differents types of engines interconnected.

  • Simulation Engine
  • Rating engine
  • Aggregation Engine
  • Consolidation Engine
  • Historification Engine
  • Verification Engine

Do you believe in services over the Internet? Today is a reality thanks to cloud computing.

This technology offers us the possibility of having all files and information on the Internet without worrying about the computer storage capacity.

As well, it opens new posibilities and new ways of bussines, known as the e-bussines.
Cloud Computing has transformed the business model for SMEs and large companies, opened up new possibilities and sped up the innovation process at three levels:

  • Iaas – Infrastructure as a service: a complete procesing infrastructure for users.
  • PaaS – Platform as a service: a functional platform for users without having to buy and to maintain hardware and software
  • Saas – Software as a service: it takes charge of the software over the internet, so the user can access by a web browser without installing any software.

At Indizen, we offer Cloud solutions that reduce costs to final users so they can manage without spending time and resources to maintenance, just paying for use it and providing them mobility from any device and place. It could be a big competitive advantage because the users checked that they always have an update and optimized technology.


In the last years it is a fact that there are several computer languages meet with the developers’ approval. These languages ​​are revolutionizing the technology industry and gaining popularity in “lifelong” languages, as it happens with Google GO at its peak.

However, developers still prefer the established languages, as can be seen looking at rates as TIOBE’s. This company is dedicated to evaluate the software quality, and publishes languages rankings in real time. In addition to, it should be noted that Java management is included among the 20 most valued skills for employers in 2016 by LinkedIn.

The reasons why these languages continue to be the most adopted are several, but the most prominent are:

  • Presence power that ensures a long-term operation of applications that use it.
  • Readability and simplicity
  • Multiplatform and multi-paradigm.

Indizen has a professional analysts team who are responsible for collecting the customer’s needs to design data models and processes, providing quality services using languages that best fit into specific solutions to be developed.


2016 was the year of the great expansion for Big Data A large number of organizations began to store and process data in all formats and sizes, as well as they began to value all the extractable information of them. The 4 V’s of big data were consolidated, and even 2 new ones were added.

  • Viability: it is the ability that companies have to generate an effective use of the large volume of data they manage.
  • Value: data that could be transformed into information, it becomes in knowledge and this, in action or decision.

In 2017, this trend of growth systems that support large volumes of data will continue, and therefore, the market will require platforms that provide users the tasks of managing and controlling the information. Will increase the list?

  • Value
  • Volume
  • Speed
  • Display
  • Veracity
  • Variety
  • Viability

At Indizen we cover the full life cycle and all disciplines of Big Data projects, developing our own and third party solutions, in addition to creating alliances with the main players.


A corporate vision about the digital world is a transversal concept that affects all the different phases of a digital transformation of a company and must help the company along the way to the digitization. Digital transformation is a strategy and not an work area as it has been until now.

This cultural change brings a great added value, that it is the innovation capacity of organizations.

Today, the product goes into the background in large corporations, even offer it for free of charge, because they are just thinking about the support format which you are going to sell on it. The companies’ objective is to expand from products to services, answering questions such as: what your customers think, why they buy your products, what do you mean to them, what they need, and above all, what makes you different and what of your company add value to them.

At Indizen, we can accompany you in the digital transformation of your company. We pursue improving so our customers satisfaction will be optimal thanks to a quality and wide assorment of services integrated in our products catalogue.


Customized software is also knowns as custom-made software. The customized software is developed for a specific user or organization, it is based on the needs of the customer who will use the application and in compliance with the specific requirements.

They are much more than a custom-made programs, with different types of programming languages ​​like internal desktop applications or connected to external databases, web applications, management platforms…

At Indizen, we adapt to all projects demanded by our clients, providing them a customized technological solution, using our own methodology in designing and building counting engines.

Within this service, we are specialized in applications development to calculate and manage financial risks, adapting us to the market needs and to the peculiarities demanded by our clients. As well, we build, exploit and evolve Datawarehouse using parallel processing.


The financial crisis highlighted the need to improve the measurement and management of counterparty risk, requiring a closer monitoring of exposure and solvency of counterparties.
In addition, the rules imposed by the Regulating authority require the incorporation of valuation of financial derivatives adjustment for credit risk.

Riskover is a tool that improves the counterparty risk measurement and management used an adjusted cost. It has a modular design which helps the loading of data, the traceability of processes and the interpretation of results.

This system provides companies of an advanced risk calculation tool, that allows them the overall implementation of a standard risk measurement methodology. It helps the client to understand and to minimize the financial risks that affect all of their investments. This tool meet the business needs using decoupled modules that help to reach efficiency objectives (platforms that support a large volume of data) and stability objectives, obtaining a robust and safe structure.


We join business and technology, we reinvent the future with our custormer.


We have a long experience in consultancy and software development, both own ones and services in-house to control market risk. We are benchmark for the largest national financial institutions in designing, buildig and validating models:

  • VaR and Expected Shortfall
  • P&L
  • Sensibilities
  • Market Data
  • Regulatory impact : FRTB, RDA, Dodd-Frank, EMIR, Mifid II, Volcker rules…

Doing a good control and proper monitoring of credit risk is today more important. In this sense capital reserves, credit portfolios and instrument valuation models (both standard and internal) are currently subject to a full-time vigilance and management..

Indizen has a well-known experience in these key points, we are a reference in evaluating, designing, building and validating models:


  • XVA (CVA, DVA, FVA, etc..) and Wrong way risk
  • Margin and Collateral Managemen
  • Scoring and rating models
  • Parameter estimation
  • Incremental Risk Charge (IRC) and it’s new version DRC
  • Internal Rating Based approach to credit risk

The new regulatory context is a challenge to our business in terms of valuation instruments from the Front. In this sense, the contracting platforms begins to delve into valuation instruments and Indizen is working in this field of activity for more than 15 years with renowned national and international quality.

Our knowledge in hiring market solutions and algorithmic computation models allows us to face improvement challenges by adding valuation functionalities that are not included on its platforms yet.

Find out the most profitable solutions adapted to the needs of each client.


For years this sector has been immersed in a regulatory revision process characterized by a high proliferation, tightening and monitoring of business regulation.

In this context, we not just provide analysis services to know the impact and validation of models, but our solutions give an add value adapting them to the main market regulations:

  • FRTB focus on revision of the standard model as well as on validate internal models.
  • MCRMR-2016 as a result of FRTB
  • Dodd Frank (EMIR/DFA)
  • Volker Rules
  • Valuation adjustments (CVA&DVA)
  • SA-CCR, Standard Approach
  • Risk Data Agregation (RDA)
  • Solvency II
  • TRIM

In our expert position on Risk Calculation & Innovation we help our clients to understand and get ready to the impact on risk information operations, risk calculation models and technological changes.


Indizen has been accompanying its clients for more than 15 years, provinding technological consulting services, from evaluation and selection of platforms, definition, design and development to the installation and integration of their systems, both with our own solutions and with market solutions.

For that reason, the projects carried out by Indizen have allowed to build a knowledge basis that it is a guarantee when we are executing new projects. It is true that things change quickly, but our experience allows us to analyze, design and build solutions reusing the best of each project, and highlighting the quality of our specialisation in:

  • Counting Engine
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Valuation models
  • Regulatory compliance
  • “Front to Back” treasury processes
  • Operations archives, Sensitivities, metrics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital CRM as system integrators of Salesforce

In order to face the new challenges presented by the new regulatory and financial scene, and especially its imminent state of fusion with technology, we offer our specialized Boutique service that we provide to our clients with our close, expert and global vision ( Business + Technology).

Our goal is to help our customers to transform their business and operational model, carryng out in a high speed innovation technological environment.


Find out Riskover, our platform created to an advanced risk assessment and to covering any financial instrument.

Riskover Suite is a modular and flexible development platform that offers you a substantial improvement on Risk Calculation engines.

It allows to use its whole platform and integrate specific modules in any computing architecture, both internal and SaaS to adapt them to the needs of each client.

The modules that are part of the platform are:

  • Scenario Simulation Module
  • Evaluation Module
  • Aggregation Module
  • Metrics Calculation and Reporting Module

Riskover was created by Indizen and one of the main european banking companies in 2002 and since its creation has been constantly developing, under the premise of being a Flexible and Modular Solution, with a simple upgrade, an algorithmic engineering component and adaptated to regulation items, without forgeting about searching the best development deadlines.


Advance to Digital CRM and discover how to reach more revenues, more satisfied customers and more business opportunities.

The new digital age allows the optimal management of information in a simple and more effective way. Be connected from anywhere, follow the on-line business evolution

This new trend will allow you to adapt and customize your processes, your business model, your exclusive products and services covering the unique needs of your company.

At Indizen we are experts on integration and customization of Salesforce, focused on the possibility of implement existing functionalities in your company:

• Security modules, users, profiles and shared displays
• Approval workflows, ability to sign documents within the system
• Provision of data from multiple and heterogeneous sources
• Adaptive and customized visual motor by users
• Synchronised on-line Outlook integration


Discover the true value of data

From the beginning Indizen is pioneer in Big Data, based on the continuous evolution of this technology pillars: Volume, Speed, Variety, Veracity and Value.

Our goal is to make the Value of Data effective and provide real competitive advantages to our clients, focused on a solid and fast decision making processes and on the improvement of data generation and data acquisition processes, analysis, storage and visualization.

And in this new context we help our banking clients in their transformation process, where the correct analysis and treatment of data allows them to explain the new business opportunities and to have a better risk control.

Digital information has become a fundamental part of the evolution in this business.


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