Discovering Indizen

Indizen is a Spanish company founded in 2001 that was created as a technology boutique for developing customized solutions with a special focus on analysis and simulation of massive data for management and quantification of financial risks in trading areas of big banks.

Today, we offer professional services and innovative solutions for digital transformation in different industries such as Financial, Healthcare, Telco, Energy, Insurance and Retail.

We are a community of recognized professionals in key areas of knowledge such as big data, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics (machine learning and deep learning) and natural language processing and comprehension.

Our services proposal covers end-to-end big data projects related to data engineering, data science, full-stack software development services based on cloud and new technologies (Hadoop / Spark, NoSQL, etc.) and/or based on consolidated technologies (Java, C++, Python, RDBMS, etc.). 

We define ourselves as a talented expert community with the challenge of helping our clients to transform information silos, data complexity and digitalization processes into real business opportunities that help them make better decisions, be more efficient and develop better products and services.

Indizen is present mainly in the Spanish market with a HQ in Madrid and office in Málaga.

Committed to innovation

We have developed several research, development & innovation projects that allow us to:

  • Establish an innovative culture at the company.
  • Create new solutions that improve the business processes for our clients and in society itself.
  • Generate a new type of business for our shareholders and employees.
  • Collaborate with other investigation centers.

*Applicable only to the Madrid location

Our Values

Personal treatment in the AI era

Our number one priority is people rather than any technologies and we are concerned about the well-being of each of our members

Honesty and Transparency

Over the years, we have been able to gain the trust of our clients with our performance based on honesty, transparency and common sense.

Quality and Excellence

Our philosophy is offering Boutique services, always giving the priority to the quality rather than volume. We found the niche where we can contribute with value and differentiation.

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The Best Solutions

We are focused on providing the best business solutions with the latest information technologies. Indizen counts with great experts that know how to listen, focus and develop a customized solution for our clients.

Our History

In 2001 we started developing financial simulation projects for risk analytics in banking. At that time we had the challenge to deal with a big amount of data from different sources and to create distributed algorithms based on grid computing environments. We have evolved and now agile projects based on Big Data, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence which are the core business of Indizen.

Avda. del General Perón, 36 – 2ª planta | 28020 Madrid, España.
(+34) 91 535 85 68

Indizen Madrid

Av. del General Perón, 36, 28020 Madrid, España
Calle Hilera, 14 | 29007 Málaga, España
(+34) 91 535 85 68

Indizen Málaga

Calle Hilera, 14, 29007 Málaga, España

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(+34) 91 535 85 68

Avda. del Gral. Perón, 36 - 2ªplanta | 28020 Madrid

Calle Hilera, 14 | 29007 Málaga

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