In view of the health emergency situation we are globally facing, we are committed to maintain our highest level of responsability and continue working with the same professionalism as always.

Our professionals have been teleworking since last March 11th, aware of the importance of collaborating with the authorities and the rest of the citizens in order to defeat the COVID-19 coronavirus that is challenging the world.



We make the process of Digital Transformation
of your Company easy.
In Indizen we help you in the process of Digital Transformation of your company, understanding the true needs of your business and, for this purpose, using the most innovative technologies.

Big Data

Big Data, Data Science, Salesforce, Web Technologies and much more.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and much more.


Technologies aimed at reducing time-to-market and improving adaptation to a changing environment.

Consolidated Technologies

Most current solutions are built with non-emerging technology and languages: Java, C ++, Python, JavaScript, etc.


Cybersecurity has been one of the most important disciplines in information technologies since the adoption …

Indizen Tech

Discover Indizen

Indizen, an innovative and disruptive company whose main capital is the human.

believe in talent

In Indizen we believe in people’s talent and we seek to take it to its maximum exponent through activities and events that foster its creativity as Indizen Got Talent or Indizen Tech.

believe in creativity

At Indizen we promote the creativity of our employees by improving their working life and comfort. Discover all the benefits of working at Indizen: offices with leisure and recreation spaces; promotion of healthy eating and lifestyle;activities, excursions and group trips…

believe in experiences

In Indizen Experiences, we find a space where we can develop our hobbies or passions with our working colleagues, such as paddle, ski, karts, paintball, as well as custome parties and getaways to amusement parks.

Believe in Social

The INDIZEN Mission is to contribute with our work to the improvement of our surrounding world, by making use of the technology as a necessary tool for the implementation of innovative ideas, efficient solutions and optimal use of resources that improve the life quality of our clients, and indeed, people in general.

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Develop your skills and work progress in a work environment where talent and creativity are enhanced


Pioneers in the development of calculation engines for risk analysis.


Health is driven by clinical knowledge based on interoperable data.


Smarter services that generate new income sources.


Agile management of back-office processes of gas and electricity operators.


Evolution in the model of relationship with the consumer, competitive analysis, pricing.
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Our Values
Talent and People

In Indizen we feel passion and curiosity for what we do, we believe in talent, enthusiasm and determination to achieve a great professional career.

Learning, improving and growing, within a team of PEOPLE who have the satisfaction that our work contributes to improving the world every day and that we contribute a little more to make this an easier world.


In Indizen we have developed several R + D + I projects whose impact has allowed us to:

  • Establish an innovation culture in the company.
  • Create new leading software tools that improve business processes for both our client companies and for society.
  • Generate new business for our shareholders and employees.
  • Collaborate with other research centers.
Use Cases


Updated terminology server for the Electronic Medical Record.


Evolution of the model platform of a financial entity.


For a financial entity through Indizen software.


In the risk evaluation and safety analysis in nuclear power plants.
Indizen Blogging
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The Scrum Framework

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Agile at Scalian Spain and Indizen by Scalian

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